Hey There, 

I’m Gazania [gah-zane-ya] – I have a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine , wife, mother of 2 , Kukuwa African dance fitness instructor, herbalist and holistic health practitioner. 

I am passionate about motivating, educating, and helping you to become more empowered with simple healthy habits that YOU can do TODAY!  As a result of what I do I help people to sleep better, reduce or alleviate pain, improve digestion, better manage stress, reduce or no longer take medication, and to overall help people  bring everything back into a state of harmony. I love working with the following specialties: Women's health, Infertility, Facial Rejuvenation, Diabetes Type 2, Anxiety and Depression.

 I am thrilled to be on this wellness journey with you!

My story…

Ten years ago, after having my second child I was chronically fatigue, experiencing postpartum depression, diagnosed with panic attack disorder. Nine years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I never had enough energy to get through the day. My condition was so bad that I couldn’t drive for almost 2 years, I had panic attacks on a daily basis, and depended on my husband to do almost everything. I would go to my medical doctor and continuously complain of my symptoms, but their solution was depression and anxiety  pills, and other medications. I was basically addicted to anxiety medication for 2 years. I couldn’t leave the house without it. My blood work test would come back normal. Western medical doctors are definitely valuable but integration with Eastern medicine and other wellness protocols can help many people.

I realized that in order to feel better I needed to change what I was doing. The western medical doctors were not helping at all. Over the course of a couple years I saw regularly  an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor,  tui na massages,  took traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas and whole food supplements. Then I focused on dance, and fun exercises that I enjoyed. My stress level decreased and my energy increased. Over time, I explored more healthy habits: positive journaling, more prayer, motivating others, creative things and hiking on nice days to keep me healthy.

I reclaimed my life and my body! 5 years ago I decided to help others and started school at The Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science to obtain a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

My goal is to help you heal your body through whole food nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas, eastern modalities and medicine. My recommendations do not come in a prescription bottle. My solutions range from acupuncture, massage, movement excercise, herbs and supplements to lifestyle habits that you can engage in very easily without disrupting your busy life.

The biggest transformation that I experienced was with the application of whole food nutrition supplements, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal formulas and dance. 

Let’s connect! I’d love to hear about your journey.

The best places to say hi and connect with me are in the comments section of my blog or on  Instagram