7 Health Tips From the Bible

Naturally Gazania

7 Health Tips From the Bible
The Word of God Brings Health to the Soul
Many people either read, own or have heard of the bible. I study and read the bible almost everyday. But did you know that this holy book has health advice that we can incorporate into our daily life. The bible is not a considered a medical journal, but it has many tips that encourages us to take care of our bodies. All of these tips are scientifically proven to benefit us.
Here are 7 tips:
1.  Exercise Daily – 
“Bodily training is beneficial.” Says 1 Timothy 4:8 – 
It is recommended that you exercise 45 minutes per day. Exercise improves your mental health, immune system and cardiovascular system. If you want to maintain or improve your health you must get active!
2. Eat in Moderation –
 “Don’t . . . stuff yourself with food,” says Proverbs 23:20. – 
They key with any food…

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