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Get to know your body

Currently I am taking a course in western pathology. This is part of my graduate program in Traditional Chinese Medcine.  Our body is amazing. Many living organisms called cells make up our body. Every cell needs oxygen, nutrients,  water and the right temperature. Also waste must be removed. If these actions are not taking place the cell will die. Each cell has a speclized duty. For example one may have the job to provide air or provide air. Each speclized cell has certain nutritional needs. The kidney cells need sodium and potassium and structural needs more calcium.  If they are not provided with the nutrients it can affect the entire body and the bodies homeostasis disrupts.  This is where the world disease starts “lack of ease”.

When you understand your body and its function, you will be better able to take care of it and live a healthy lifestyle.  Promise today that you will do your best to care for your body, its the ONLY place you HAVE to live!


Help me with my class assignment

Hey NG (Naturally Gazania) readers ,

I have a class assignment. I need to invite at least 10 people to my schools Acupuncture student clinic. When you make a appointment please tell them “Gazania” referred you. The new school location is 1600 broadway oakland, ca as of  June 2014. Click on the picture below to view more info about the clinic. I am not a intern in the clinic yet so you can’t request me. However, I am looking forward to possibly treating you all soon :).