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You should go to the market to buy a WATERMELON ASAP!

Watermelon has been used in china for many years to cool the body and clean out toxins. The seeds help the kidneys to function at their peak and the fruit and rind help release toxins. The watermelon is truly a healing fruit. Next time you visit your local Farmers market be sure to pick one up.



3 Simple Things You Can Do That WILL Improve Your LIFE

1. LOVE YOUR BODY–  Your was body  beautifully created. Treat it like a precious gift

2. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- Your body will give you warning signals (pain, aches, bloating, gas, skin etc) . Be sure to listen to these signs and make sure to eat healthy nutritious food , exercise daily and take time  to examine your emotional health.

3. FORGIVE AND FORGET – Holding onto the past cause major illness. Live in the present and the great Hope for the future. Many people say “i should of did that” or ” Why did I do that” ..this will only cause you to become depressed. Think about what you can do NOW and move forward to a brighter day and future.

Everyone should see a Chiropractor

I have a husband and 2 kids and many times women tend to put their family first and forget to take care of themselves.  My body started to break down because of neglect. In order to take care of others you first must take care of yourself. I read this interesting  article.. …I forgot the name but it mentioned some guidelines to taking care and maintain good health. It mentioned  two very important things

1. Be sure to take care of your teeth (visit your dentist for regular cleanings and etc)

2. Take care of your bone structure

It was quite interesting, I was a bit confused as to why it only stated 2 things and I didn’t understand why. So I continued to read the article to find out more about this 2nd important thing we should do to maintain good health.

If you look at the diagrams below you will see that the bone support the nerves and the brain sends messages by way of our nerves to all the organs in our body. If the bone is misaligned and weighing down on a nerve connection it can cause problems to the organs its connected to. Continuation of this can cause dis-ease.

Chiropractic care is not about “adjusting” its about brain and nervous system care. The purpose of chiropractor care is to make sure your nervous system is functioning at its best. They check for nervous system interference “subluxation” and then adjust if needed.

I have a great Chiropractor. I have been going to Dr. Maria Manibog  for almost  8 weeks. The office is Health for Life Chiropractor. They do Relief care  and wellness care.

Be sure to take care of yourself first!

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