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A natural Oil that Improves your Cardiovascular health, Brain health, Mood and Mental acuity

Do you often feel like your brain is a tad bit slow? Is your brain not operating like it use to?  Well, you will be happy to know that you may be able to increase your brains health. How? you might ask. By increasing your intake of Fish oils that contain Omega 3’s.

What is Omega 3’s?

According to WEB MD

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. We need them for our bodies to work normally. Because essential fatty acids (ALA,DHA,EPA) are not made in the body or are inefficiently converted from ALA to EPA and DHA, we need to get them from our diet .
  • Omega-3s have a number of health benefits. Omega-3s are thought to play an important role in reducing inflammation throughout the body — in the blood vessels, the joints, and elsewhere. However, omega-3 supplements (EPA/DHA) may cause the blood to thin and cause excess bleeding, particularly in people taking anticoagulant drugs.
  • There are several types of omega-3 fatty acids. Two crucial ones — EPA and DHA — are primarily found in certain fish. Plants like flax contain ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that is partially converted into DHA and EPA in the body. Algae oil often provides only DHA.

Why is it important?

Fatty acids are also required for the production of hormone-like compounds that help regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and blood clotting. Omega-3s are now linked to a variety of benefits, including the support of:

  • Brain health
  • Eye health
  • Cardiovascular health

How much should I take?

1-gram daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids, but you’d have to eat about four servings of shrimp, four to seven servings of cod, or one to two servings of salmon, 84 oz of tilapia, 36 oz of eel, 18 raw oysters, 27 oz of octopus, 12 oz catfish or 10 sardines. Now, that is a lot of fish and potentially has too much mercury or contaminants.

What’s the best way to get the research recommended amounts of DHA and EPA Omega 3’s?

To get recommended amounts of Omega 3’s, all you’ll have to swallow is two little capsules.



  • Supports the cardiovascular system.
  • Protects cell membranes.
  • Contains lemon oil for improved taste and aftertaste.

How It Works:

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of four basic fats that the body derives from foods. While many of the other fats are harmful, omega-3s benefit the body and are especially good for the heart. Super Omega-3 EPA is a source of two fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Supportive but not conclusive research shows that the consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The body uses omega-3 fatty acids as one of the primary components of cell membranes. Omega-3s are also beneficial to the structural system and to the skin. Super Omega-3 EPA softgels contain approximately 1,000 mg fish oil, with a ratio of 33:16 EPA to DHA (380 mg EPA, 190 mg DHA) per softgel. It also contains lemon to significantly reduce the aftertaste from fish oil and to reduce gas. (Contains fish such as anchovy, sardine and mackerel.)

Omega 3 Supplements  | Super Omega-3 EPA

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I have been told that I suffer from adrenal fatigue. Did I find out from my MD doctor?……are you serious…yeah right…if they cant find a problem they will automatically label you as depressed or paranoid. Adrenal fatigue is a something that the medical community knows very little about. It can be very frustrating for people who suffer.

Some of the symptoms are:

  • low energy levels
  • trouble sleeping at night but wanting to sleep during the day
  • poor libido
  • cravings for salt and/or sugar
  • feeling confused and overwhelmed
  • impaired cognitive function – brain fog, lack of concentration
  • blood sugar irregularity
  • Tired in the morning and wake up after 10am
  • Feels energy picks up after 6pm
  • Not able to handle any form of stress well
What exactly are the Adrenal Glands?
The adrenal glands are approximately two and half by one inch long yellowish-orange colored glands that are found just above the kidneys. Adrenal glands provide a very important function in protecting the body against stress. This function is carried out by secretion of a number of different types of hormones by the adrenal gland.(source: Click here)  

Interesting FACT: (Source)

The highest concentration of vitamin C in the body is stored in the adrenal glands.

Vitamin C is utilized by the adrenal glands in the production of all of the adrenal hormones, most notably cortisol. When you are faced with a stressful situation, your vitamin C is rapidly used up in the production of cortisol and related stress-response hormones.

In adrenal fatigue, your adrenal glands “panic” when they don’t have enough vitamin C available, and, in what seems like an odd paradox, they release MORE cortisol. This not only increases your immediate anxiety, but as this state of high cortisol is prolonged, it wreaks havoc on your blood sugar, blood pressure, and contributes to the dreaded accumulation of belly fat.

Adrenal Support

Adrenal Health | Adrenal Support


  • Helps maintain normal adrenal function.
  • Supports the body’s ability to regulate stress
  • Supports a healthy biological terrain.
  • Supports the glandular and nervous systems.
  • Provides 250% or more of the Daily Value of thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid.

How It Works:

Certain hormones in the body—called stress hormones—prepare the body to deal with stressful situations by increasing the heart rate and the force of contraction and blood flow to the heart, liver, and to skeletal and adipose tissue. These stress hormones are produced and regulated by the adrenal glands. They also dilate airways to the lungs and increase blood levels of glucose and fatty acids. The adrenal hormones and their functions are linked to virtually all of the body systems. Thus, many physiological processes and bodily functions, including cardiovascular health, sex drive, pH balance, skin conditions, energy levels, mood and overall psychological outlook often correlate to adrenal gland function.

Adrenal Support is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to nourish and strengthen the adrenal glands and to promote glandular secretion.


25 mg vitamin C (42% Daily Value), 10 mg thiamin (667% DV), 5 mg riboflavin (294% DV), 5 mg vitamin B6 (250% DV), 45 mg pantothenic acid (450% DV), 10 mg magnesium (3% DV), 5 mg zinc (33% DV), 5 mg potassium, bovine adrenal substance, schizandra fruit, borage seed oil, licorice root and protease blend.


Gazania 🙂


Irregular menstrual cycle also known as oligomenorrhea.  Huh ….how do you pronounce that “O” word?…lol.  First let me define a regular period.

A regular period could happen between every 29- 32 days. Sometimes the amount of days vary, but you get the general idea. Keep a track and count the days between your cycle and if you get about the same amount of days in between similar to the  days mention above, you have regular periods. A healthy person in non-menopausal  has a regular period.

Irregular periods are any abnormal bleeding (once every 3 months, once every 6 months, only a little spotting, 2 every month..etc). I actually suffered from irregular periods for years. I would get it once every 3 months.  It was normal was when I was on Birth Control. I had to get off birth control due to its harmful affects to my body. It is said that some of the causes are: poor diet, exercise, pregnancy, years on birth control..etc.

The three particular glands that produce the hormones that control our cycle is the  Ovaries, hypothalamus and pituitary. (see picture below)

I have great news. I no longer suffer from irregular menstrual thanks to REFLEXOLOGY. Two weeks before my cycle is suppose to happen, I go schedule a treatment. The treatment is about 60 min. It cost me $30 (it could be $25-$60 depending on where you live and area). About 1-2 weeks later my cycle comes. Safe and natural without the drugs.  

They massage particular reflex areas on your foot: pituitary gland , kidney , reproductive gland , uterus , lower abdomen , adrenal gland , thyroid gland and basically ever organ in the body has a reflex on the foot. The foot is held with one hand by the Reflexologist  and the massage is applied with the knuckle of the flexed index finger of the other hand by pressing the selected areas 3-4 times or by scratching the sole from heel to toes.



Ten things you should be doing for Optimal Health

You may be  independent, but you are forced to live here. Where….you might ask? …….Well you are forced to live in your BODY.

Since we are forced to live in our bodies….We must take care of it.

My top Ten things you should do to keep your body in optimal health

1. Exercise Everyday for at least 30 min (Yes everyday…you eat everyday..right)

2. Reduce processed food intake (if possible eliminate it all together)

3. Increase your intake of Fresh/Organic Fruits and vegetables (eating in raw form provides higher nutrition value)

4. Make it a point to laugh at least 5 times per day

5. Meditate daily for 10 min (Prayer, sitting still and thinking peaceful thoughts..etc)

6. Drink fresh water as much as possible (If you cant feed it to a plant don’t feed it to your body (i.e. soda, high sugar drinks)

7. Engage in a hobby (express yourself, be creative  and LIVE!!!!)

8. Express your feelings (confide in a friend, write in a journal)

9. Forgive (holding on to hurt feelings can damage your health…let it go)


Is it safe to use cleaning products while I’m pregnant?

Ok….this is a common question pregnant women ask. If these cleaning products are bad for a pregnant woman..would you agree that no body should be using it?  Many people complain of feeling dizzy or experiencing headaches while cleaning.The cleaning products that are commonly brought in the stores are very toxic. Let me explain why:

MOST cleaning products are pretty dangerous – pregnant or not. They always suggest to have good  ventilation. When you mix your breathing with the cleaning fumes it becomes toxic ..Let me ask you a question ….when you clean are you breathing?…..I take it you answered yes.

Ingredients with chlorine bleach and ammonia, which produce fumes that are highly irritating to eyes, nose, throat and lungs, and should not be used by people with asthma or lung or heart problems.

So Stop using those products!!!!!!! I have found a great Eco-friendly company that has great safe products to clean your house.

The Bathroom cleaner made out of 20 lemons (citric acid). 6x concentrated and it will make 6 bottles for less than $6. No chlorine, ammonia or formaldehyde in any of the products. Other cleaners:
* Glass cleaner that is vinegar based instead of ammonia. 6x concentrated and it will also make 6 bottles for less than $6.
* Laundry Detergent that will wash 96 loads for less than $17. You only need a small cap full and doesn’t use phosphates

* Do away with bleach!! They have a product that kills 99.9% of germs with Natural Power of the Herb Thyme. Gentle enough to use around children, pets, and food (great for killing germs in the kitchen, bathroom, and other surfaces)

Create a safe home environment in your home now. Throw away all the unsafe cleaning products. Click here to get more information on how to purchase Safe Cleaning products for your family